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£5 per pack of 12 (10kg)
10 packs for £45.00
Larger quantities are available, please ask for bulk price.

To order call us: 01476 562500
Or collect from our yard in Grantham.

Our Premium Wood Briquettes are easy to light and burn similar to coal, they are designed to have a consistently high heat output with a slow burn time.

They produce only the same amount of carbon dioxide that was absorbed by the tree during its life span, therefore helping to reduce greenhouse gasses and our impact on the environment.

No trees are felled to produce the wood briquettes, as they are made from sawmill residue that would otherwise go into landfill.

The 100% recycled sawdust and shavings are clean and untreated. They are compressed under extreme heat and pressure, which produces lignin, a natural component of wood. When cooled this lignin solidifies and binds the wood briquettes together, so as a result they contain no chemicals, additives or binders.

Each 10kg pack is the equivalent to at least three times that of logs. Wood Briquettes have a low moisture content of 6-8%, compared with 20-25% for seasoned logs. This means with each builders bag of logs you are losing at least 1/3 of the weight to moisture.

Our Premium Wood Briquettes burn with less smoke and emissions in comparison to fossil fuels. Burning dry wood produces far less smoke resulting in a cleaner chimney/flue. The ash produced is minimal (less than 1%) and can be composted and used as fertiliser.

Supplied in conveniently sized packs, Wood briquettes are easy to handle and can be stacked and stored inside.


How do I use these?

You can use them as you would a log. Get a flame going using kindling, coal or another source. Then just pop the wood briquette on top, sit back and enjoy.


What is their moisture content?

Our wood briquettes have a moisture content of 6-8%, compared with seasoned logs of up to 30%.


Can I store them inside?

Yes, you can. Our Premium Briquettes have a uniformed size so can be stacked and stored easily inside. As the briquettes haven't been stored outside previously, there will not be any creepy crawlies inside.


What is the Ash Content?

The ash content is less than 1%, and can be used as fertiliser in your garden.


What appliances can I use them in?

You can use them anywhere you would previously use logs. So in all wood burners, multi-fuel stoves, chimineas and fireplaces.


Will they break in half?

No, our wood briquettes are compressed together tightly so will not break up like other briquettes might. They wont expand when burning either.


Are they messy?

No, what little sawdust there is, will collect at the bottom of the bags as you take your briquettes out. Just empty the bag into your wood burner before you start a flame to leave yourself just with the bag to recycle.


How do these products help the environment?

The sawdust and wood chippings used in our products are a by-product of the timber industry and would otherwise end up on landfills.


How do they reduce CO2 emissions?

When burning these products you are only releasing the CO2 that the tree absorbed during its lifespan. 


How much do they weigh?

Each pack of Premium Wood Briquettes weighs 10kg. An individual Premium Briquette is 0.8kg.

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